August 16, 1774

1774 August 16 (Tuesday).  Attended the Ministers Meeting at Bolton.  In going, though strictly I broke fast at home, yet joined with Mr. Whitney and his Wife in their Breakfast, they going over to Mr. Goss’s also.  Besides Mr. Stone, Mr. Smith and Mr. Whitney, came Messrs. Harrington, Morse and Johnson of Harvard, so that we were Eight.  Mr. Goss Concr. on 1 Cor. 11.2.  Conversation (unavoidably) turned and engrossed us, on the Distresses of the present Times, and our Apprehensions of increasing Difficultys.  N.B. Mr. Harringtons Account of Brigadier Ruggles (from Brigadier himself) of his Journey from Hardwich to [Lancaster?] being required to wait on the Governor at Salem, in Order to take the Oath as a Counsellor.  Returned home seasonally, calling at Mr. Whitney’s.