August 12, 1774

1774 August 12 (Friday).  Mr. Putnam of Pomfret and his Sister Bethiah dined here.  N.B. He gave me a further account of Mr. Darius Parkhurst of Pomfret (whom I saw at Mr. Adams’s at Roxbury last May) and his accomplishments though deprived of Sight and hearing about 11 AEts.  Is now about 34. You must write in his hand, with your or his finger, to convey your meaning.  Blessed be God for my sight and hearing! May I have grace to improve them! Have received the News Paper, Edes and Gill, which informs that May 20th last, the King gave his Consent to the Acts of Parliament which take away our principal civil privileges, viz. an act for better regulating the Government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay and New England.  And an Act for impartial Administration of Justice therein. May God Sanctifie to us this heavy stroke! and help us rightly to improve such privilege and Libertys as remain!