August 1, 1774

1774 August 1 (Monday).  The Town Met again on the Affair of Subscribing the Agreement.  I am informed that my Son Breck found it necessary to subscribe.  The people also contribute to the bearing of the Charge of the Congress.  I sent my Quota thereto.  I went to the Meeting House with a paper fit to be subscribed and read it to a Number of persons; but the Town were busy and did not call for it.  See the [12th?] Day. Martin Piper, a Lad in his 12th Year, was thrown by a Colt, and his Head came down on a Rock, nigh Mr. Newtons.  He was carryed in there. It was feared to be a mortal Blow. Mr. Newton came in haste for me. I went.  He was delirious. Dr. Hawes soon blooded him. He bled well. Vomited Several Times — inclined to sleep; when any thing was given him, he cryed out bitterly, but could not speak.  I prayed with him. What a Warning! Especially to Youth! But how great the Mercy he was not killed! His parents much distressed.