April 28, 1774

1774 April 28 (Thursday).  I was obliged to preach my Lecture my self.  The Text Gal. 6.4 to p. 9.  It was well I preached my self, there being so very few at Meeting that a Neighbouring Minister would have thought perhaps, that it was not worth while to be at the pains to come from another Town to preach to so small an handful of people.  A great many pews both above and below, had no body at all: there was but one, a young woman in all the womens Gallery, both in Front and side.  I could not but speak of it in my Sermon; but told those few who were present, that I was glad of them and wished they might find happy Reward etc.  Mr. Cushing from Ashburnham at Eve, and lodged here.  N.B. Cousen Davis dined here, with her Child, her mother Maynard after Lecture and drank Coffee etc. with us.