April 22, 1774

1774 April 22 (Friday).  Visit Mrs. Morse: found no great alteration as to the State of her mind, except that she is thought Somewhat more insane.  Her Body is more emaciated and she grows weaker.  The Doctor there, to dress the wound.  It is externally very much healed up: the Hole not bigger apparently, than a Hazlenut might be put into.  She said but little.  Her swallowing not better, and Speaks but in Whisper and to be understood but difficultly.  I prayed with her.  I think it was not so much against her Will, as heretofore: but she was not rational enough to discourse much with.  Tis feared she can’t continue long.  An Object of Pity!  May a Merciful and gracious God extend His Compassion to her in this miserable Condition!  Have, at home, my Daughter Cushings Company.  She is but feeble and infirm, yet is able to be about with Some Alertness.  Elias to School daily to Mr. Waters.