April 21, 1774

1774 April 21 (Thursday).  Mr. John Southgate, Juryman for Lei’ster my Company to Wor’ster — hastened to Court.  Mr. Goss’s Case was pleaded a. and p.m.  Mr. Goss’s Ordination not disputed: and therefore I was not called to give my Testimony concerning it.  Dined at Mr. Maccartys, with Mr. Morse and Mr. Lawrence of Winchester.  Afterwards came Mr. Mellen.  At Eve I came away from Court before breaking up.  I grew weary and inclined to come home.  Attempted and accomplished it, though not till 10 o’Clock.  N.B. Squire Henry Gardner and Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury my Company part of the way.  Mr. Sumners Child almost gone.  Fear it will die to night.  My Daughter Cushing came here to day.  Capt. Jonas Houghton came before I got to bed with a Letter from Mr. Goss requesting, for the use of his Lawyer my Book containing the Results of the Three Synods; which I Sent accordingly by him.  He went to Capt. Maynards for Lodging.  Mrs. Morse, I hear, is worse.  Benjamin Whitney came this Evening to desire me to go over to See her:  She her self having wanted to see me.