April 12, 1774

1774 April 12 (Tuesday).  Fast at Mr. Seth Morse’s, on account of his miserable Wife.  Mr. Sumner came here, and going with me, he advised that not the least word of Opposition be uttered against Mr. Fish’s being there and officiating considering the present Extraordinary Circumstances.  Mr. Fisk and Mr. Fitch came.  I began the Solemnity with fervent prayer.  Mr. Sumner preached a Suitable sermon from Luk. 15.17.  P.M. Mr. Fitch prayed and Mr. Fish (Mr. Morse insisting for it) preached on Mat. 9.12.  May the Lord bless the word and accept the prayers, especially for this Miserable Object!  Mr. Stone did not come.  Mr. Morse told me last Eve that they could not well provide.  I offered to for such as would come our way.  Mr. Fish, Masters Phinehas Bowman and Cornelius Waters, also Old Mr. Seth Morse Eat at our House.  At eve came Asa Ware from Needham to live with me Six Months for 78£ old Tenor or if after a Months Tryal he behaves and works well and deserves it, 80£ of like Money.  Receive Letters from Mr. More [i.e., Moore], with Mr. Charles Turners Anniversary Sermon at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1773, from Zech. 4.10.