April 11, 1774

1774 April 11 (Monday).  Lt. Baker came to me with an earnest Message from Neighbour Seth Morse in his great Distress for his Wife, who is not like to live but a little longer: for now he requests there might be a Fast kept on her Account and that it be without Delay — that it be tomorrow, notwithstanding the public Fast on next Thursday.  I said what I conceived proper with respect to the necessary preparations.  He would Send for the Neighbouring Ministers.  And particularly the 4 nearest.  Mr. Sumner and Mr. Fish.  I objected against Mr. Fisk — and let him know, it would give me inexpressible Disquietment.  But he Said he knew they would peculiarly insist for Him; and entreated that in So extraordinary a Case, for the poor womans sake I would not refuse, that if we have any Mercy, and at Such an extraordinary Juncture etc. etc.  The other Gentlemen named were Rev. Stone and Fitch; against whom I made no Objection — but as to all of us it would be very difficult, to be interrupted in our preparations for the general Fast.  In fine I consented to attend, and Mr. Morse requesting that I would write to the Ministers I agreed with Lt. Baker to send to Mr. Stone; which he (Baker) could carry as he was going to Framingham to Mr. Sumner, and Dr. Flynt could take it; to Mr. Fitch, and Dr. Hawes could convey it: but I could not write to Mr. Fish to come.  I thought however that considering the Extremity they were in, for Mrs. Morse’s Sake, hoping I Should speak to Him and bear Some Testimony against etc.  I wrote Mr. Morse this word, that he might Send to him on this Extraordinary Occasion.  At Eve I went there and Said a few things, and but few; She answered with as few.  Prayed earnestly for her — ripened the Desire of the Fast tomorrow by divine Leave and Assistance.