April 3, 1774

1774 April 3 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Act. 26.20.from middle of p. 27 to middle of p. 34.  P.M. Went on with sermon on Heb. 2.1 but made Sundry additions especially in the Close.  May God Succeed my poor imperfect Labours for both my own and the people’s Saving Benefit!  But what a Surprize were we thrown into by hasty Riding, etc. for the Doctors, for me etc.  Mrs. Morse unhappy Woman!  has cutt her own Throat with a Rasor!  about 1/2 an hour before meeting was done.  I hastened to the House of Distress.  Saw the horrid wound — about 2 inches long.  Dr. Hawes tells me the Wind-pipe is cut about half through.  She is alive and to appearance Sensible.  Sits pretty still while the Doctor Sews up the Gashes.  But I say very little to her, as she under the Operation least it should Set her a Bleeding.  Dr. Ball came to Assistance.  Many people were gathered in to behold the Sorrowful Spectacle.  Mr. Morse requested me to pray.  I found she was not against it “with respect to Mr. Morse and the Children, but it could do her no good,” as she expressed it.  I prayed, when they had done what was necessary in the Sewing and Dressing.  The Doctors tarry all night, as well as several to watch her.  But I returned to my Family.  May the holy, Sovereign God sanctifie this very awful Dispensation!  Guard and restrain the Miserable tempted, frantic woman; Support and direct my poor Sorrowful Neighbour.  Pity the Aged Father (Mr. Warrin) and the Surprized astonished Children; and grant us all the peculiar Grace necessary for us rightly to improve so remarkable and distressing a Providence!