February 22, 1774

1774 February 22 (Tuesday).  They that went for wood yesterday, So broke the way, and made it fit to Sled in; and the Cutters cut So much more than was brought home; that therefore Lieut. Baker in his generousness sent his Team and Man again to Day, also to sled Wood for me; and Neighbour Newton in his Goodness likewise, sent his Team and Man to sled up, what was left and what another Number of Cutters cutt, viz. Mr. Keene, John Fay hired, Stephen Maynard hired, Nathaniel Chamberlin hired, and Phinehas Brigham (son of Widow Hitty).  To the Teams, add my own of 3 Cattle, and p.m. Dr. Hawes’ Steers instead of the Mare, and my son John drove.  Breck also procured Mr. Joseph Bond to come with his 5 Cattle.  They all went 3 times each — therefore brought 12 Load to day.  P.M. rode to Grafton. Mr. Thomas Twitchell’s Company to Mr. Merriams where I lodged.  N.B. Elias received of Mr. Taylor, Davidsons Virgil borrowed of young Mr. Frost of Mendon.