February 21, 1774

1774 February 21 (Monday).  A number of persons came and got wood for me at the Lot which is called Capt. Ephraim Brighams.  Eight went to Cutt, viz. Messrs. Nathan Townsend, Benjamin Fay junior, Arthur Cary (from Deacon Wood), Joseph Keenes (from Lieut. Baker), John Fay, Richard Temple, Timothy Parker, Abel Tenny, from Mrs. Spring.  And John Parkman joined them.  The following Neighbours sledded, viz. Lt. Baker with two Teams, 4 Oxen apiece.  Mr. Barnabas Newton with 4 Oxen. Capt. Benjamin Fays Team 4 Oxen, drove by his son Stephen.  Deacon Wood sent a yoke of Oxen to join with mine, and Mr. Jonathan Grout drove them. They all went Twice; and Mr. Moses Nurse also brought one Load.  In all Eleven Load. At night, the most of them Supped here. May God reward them and bountifully! And grant me Grace to improve the Benefit!