August 27, 1773

1773 August 27 (Friday).  Elias as well as Hannah Still laid by.  Can’t but wish for Mrs. P______’s Return, but it rains hard a.m. and can’t wish her to be in it.  However I hope She got to Alexanders last night.  [illegible] Joshua Johnson of Bolton here, going to Mr. Fish, to Mr. Chaplain and to Mr. Stone of Douglass, to deliver each of them a Copy of the late Council at Bolton called by Rev. Goss and Adherents, that each of those Churches may know what they are going to do if they Send to and assist in the Installment of Mr. Walley at Bolton as things are now circumstanced among them.  N.B. I advise Mr. Johnson to wait upon the Pastors of the Churches that are or may be sent to, in the main place, and leave the Copys with them and as to engaging any private Brethren of those Churches therein, if the Pastors refuse to read them to their Churches, or to take them, I would leave him to his own Discretion, charging it upon him that Order be kept to strictly in Every Thing and wishing him divine Direction.  P.M. the storm cleared off, and at Eve came my Wife and Daughter in Law Kezia, with her little Alexander, but Mrs. P________________ was much indisposed, and has been ever since She has been gone.  My son Ebenezer came with her as far as Alexanders yesterday, and she lodged there.  N.B. A little before my wife and Daughter arrived, came Mr. Benjamin Webb; our Circumstances did not admitt of my inviting him to lodge here.  He therefore left me to go to Deacon Woods.