August 9, 1773

1773 August 9 (Monday).  In the morning Mr. Seth Morse brings the remainder of the Money which as Treasurer he owes me, and desires to borrow it for a while which I consent to.  Mr. Joseph Harrington talks with me plainly about the late Bolton proceedings, the Conventions etc.: that he is in Difficulty concerning them.  He will take a Time to come to me (he had now his Team) and Seems disturbed.  My Son John is at work for Breck, making an Housing for him.  P.M. came Mrs. Townsend to be examined; and I desire to acknowledge the great Goodness of God to her.  May it please God to carry on and perfect the work of His Grace in her.  There came also two poor Beggars, viz. William Robinson of Inverness in Scotland, who had been maimed (as he says) by a Fall from a Yard Arm at New Haven.  His Wife was also with him.  Lord have Compassion on Such Miserable Creatures!  May I be truely thankful for what I am favoured with and enabled faithfully to improve the divine Favours to me and mine!