August 8, 1773

1773 August 8 (Sunday).  Read Amos 3.  Preached on Eph. 5.2, first Clause, “and walk in Love.”  This was improved with view to Bolton’s unhappy Situation.  Mr. Leland and his Wife dined here.  P.M. Read Rev. 8.  I had attended Several Exercises in the Course of the Week so that I could not prepare another Sermon.  I preached on Isa. 6.9 and 10, a very awakening Subject!  May a divine Blessing accompany what was delivered, to my own Soul and the Souls of all the Hearers!  My Daughter Baldwin went to meeting p.m.  To god be Glory!  At Eve I read (by my Self) Mr. Rowland of Providence’s Convention Sermon,[1] in part.  In the Family repeated the Afternoon Sermon on Isa. 6.9.10.

[1]David Sherman Rowland, Catholicism: or, Christian Charity.  Illustrated and Improved in a Discourse, Delivered before the Congregational Ministers of the Colony of Rhode-Island, in New-England, at their Convention in Bristol, May 20, 1772 (Providence, 1772).  Evans 12,546.