August 1, 1773

1773 August 1 (Sunday).  Read Amos 2d.  Preached a. and p.m. on Eph. 5.2.  P.M. read Rev. 7.  N.B. Benjamin Tainter junior was seized with a Fit, to the great Disturbance of many of the Congregation, it being in the Time of divine service.  A.M. and p.m. was a heavy Rain, accompanyed with Thunder and Lightning.  Blessed be God for His great Goodness, both in the refreshing Rain, and the compassionate Preservation from Dammage by the Thunder.  Mrs. Kelly is recovering, but my Daughter Baldwin is in a weak, low and distressed Condition.  Frequently vomiting.  Dr. Hawes visits her and administers to her Such Physick as may clear her Stomack.