July 22, 1773

1773 July 22 (Thursday).  Rode to Boston.  Attended the Convention at Mr. Lovells school House.  The Committee presented the Report we had prepared.  It was read over — then was read distinctly paragraph by paragraph.  After a few Amendments it was accepted and voted Thanks — then that it should be printed.  Above 50 Ministers were present.  No one dissented.  The Moderator prayed at the beginning.  We repaired to the public Lecture.  Mr. Bacon had asked me to preach, but So late that there was no time to prepare.  He preached himself on Eph. 2.10.  I pray I may have the divine Spirit renewing and sanctifying me and enabling me to bring forth good works to the divine Glory!  Dined at Dr. Coopers.  A great Number of Ministers (about 12) dined there also.  N.B. Mr. Frost came.  I shewed him what I had prepared to communicate to him, if he had gone over to Bolton.  Visit Mr. Surcomb, who is very ill, and reduced to his Bed.  Went to see my Brother.  Found him in a yet weaker state, but he still walks abroad.  Went over to my Kinsman Elias’s: N.B. Capt. Bradford (newly returned from sea) and my Kinsman Oliver, were there.  We made a Settlement with Elias, and he paid me the proportion of what Rents he had received for this year past, viz. (old Tenor) £11.8.2, and we who were present gave him Power of Attorney to act in our name respecting the House etc.  Thence I went up with Capt. Bradford to his House to congratulate her on her Husbands arrival.  I thence went to my Sons where I lodged, and Mr. Moore with me.  My Horse being at Mr. Simonds.