July 21, 1773

1773 July 21 (Wednesday).  Blessed be God for the plentifull Rains last night, when the Earth had been long and greatly parched.  But my Horse had got out of the Stable, and a Gate having been carelessly left open, he was gone.  I was thrown into great Perplexity.  Hired one Cook and Sent him to look after him.  He Succeeded and brought him back.  D.G.!  Attended the Commencement.  Mr. John Hicks takes Care of my Horse.  I improve Barretts for my Self — where was also Mr. Forbes etc.  Went to Sir Smiths (Manaseh) Chamber.  Dined in the Hall.  No Governour nor Lt. Governour nor Life Guard.  Mr. Crosby pronounced an Indian Oration.  Performed Decently, for what we could See and hear, though few understood any Thing.  President Locke was Created Doctor of Divinity.  Dr. Winthrop read the Diploma, Dr. Winthrop Doctor of Laws, and Mr. Samuel Mather, Doctor of Divinity.  President read their Diplomas.  I was at Sir Whitneys Chamber where I heard of the Death of Mr. David Stearns of Lunenbourg, which may God be pleased to sanctifie to me, to the Widow, to his Mother etc.  He has dyed in the very Glory of Life.  Lodged with Mr. Forbes at Barretts.