July 7, 1773

1773 July 7 (Wednesday).  Wife of Dr. William Lee Perkins, heretofore Rev. Joseph Condy’s Widow: who gives up the Ghost, in the early Morning.  Walked to See the Cadets Exercise.  Breakfast at Mrs. Holbrooks, where was Mr. Joseph Ward a school-Master.  At 9 a.m. according to Request, was at Dr. Chauncy’s to meet the rest of the Conventions Committee.  There came Drs. Appleton, Chauncy, Pemberton, Eliot, Cooper, Messrs. Lock, Wiggleworth, Cook, Barnard of Salem, Shute, Adams of Roxbury, Gordon; and Mr. Howard of Boston, by Mistake, was present.  Messrs. Rogers and Chandler were absent.  The Boston Ministers had prepared Something more especially upon the important Articles of Constituting and dismissing a Minister and Mr. Professor Wigglesworth had Collected authoritys.  Those were read over, and the former Paragraph by Paragraph and consented to by all, after proper alterations and corrections.  An Introduction and Peroration were prepared, chiefly by Dr. Cooper, were read, altered, and then resolved upon — to be all writ out by Mr. Adams, to be presented to the Convention, and to be transcribed fairly for the press, if So the Convention Shall see fit.[1]  It was observable that the Committee were closely applyed, and dispatched our Business with happy Success and unanimity.  We all dined there and continued till the whole was finished as above, by the Help of God, to whom be Honour and Glory!  Dr. Chauncy gave me a Letter from Mrs. Hyslop [and?] her Letter to Mr. Loring.  We broke up but little before Sunsett.  I went to Mr. Quincys, who told me it had been Visitation Day in the [Several?] Schools, and the performances of the Youth were to great Satisfaction.  I Visited Cousen Loyd etc.  Lodged at my Sons.

[1]Observations upon the Congregational Plan of Government, Particularly as it Respects the Choice and Removal of Church-Officers, Supported by the Testimony of the Fathers of New-England, and Unanimously Offered to the Consideration of the Churches.  By the Convention of Ministers of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, May 26, 1773 (Boston, 1773).  Evans 12,857.