July 2, 1773

1773 July 2 (Friday).  My Cattle very disorderly caused my riding to Mr. Thomas Bonds and Mr. Levi Warrins to try to change away an unruly Ox.  Mr. Joseph Arnold and his Wife dined here.  N.B. Upon reading the Report of the Committee of his Majestys Council concerning his Excellencys and his Honours Mr. Olivers Letters, and the Resolves of the Board thereupon, am filled with deep Concern respecting the Event.  May the Lord Sanctify His holy Frowns upon His people!

July 3, 1773

1773 July 3 (Saturday).  Was in great Expectation of Mr. Frost, to call, as he goes to Bolton to preach tomorrow and administer the Lords Supper there (notwithstanding the Disorder there) but I believe he was more cautious; and that he went not.  By what I am informed, Mr. Walley went South in the morning, and Mr. Fish Northward p.m.  May the Lord grant Light and Peace!

July 5, 1773

1773 July 5 (Monday).  This morning found the Contribution for Mrs. Cook to be £13.6.6 old Tenor (Thanks to God!).  This I committ to Deacon Wood in trust for the Woman.  At 2 1/2 p.m. Sat out on my Journey to Boston according to the Request by Dr. Eliot, [illegible] of the Convention-Committee.  Called at Mr. Stones, at Coll. Buckminsters, lodged at Deacon Browns at Framingham.

July 6, 1773

1773 July 6 (Tuesday).  Mount my Horse before the Sun.  Breakfast at Mr. Woodwards.  He goes with me to Cambridge and as we go, call to See poor distracted Stearns (Mr. John Stearns).  Was at Cousen Thomas Barretts, at Dr. Appletons.  Dined at President Locks.  P.M. at Professor Wigglesworths.  Call at Mr. Adams’s at Roxbury.  There was Lady Pepperil, whom I had the honour to converse with.  The Drought So great that instead of Pasturing Horses, the people at Roxbury give Hay to their own.  Lodge at my Son Samuels.  His wife watches with Mrs. Perkins.

July 7, 1773

1773 July 7 (Wednesday).  Wife of Dr. William Lee Perkins, heretofore Rev. Joseph Condy’s Widow: who gives up the Ghost, in the early Morning.  Walked to See the Cadets Exercise.  Breakfast at Mrs. Holbrooks, where was Mr. Joseph Ward a school-Master.  At 9 a.m. according to Request, was at Dr. Chauncy’s to meet the rest of the Conventions Committee.  There came Drs. Appleton, Chauncy, Pemberton, Eliot, Cooper, Messrs. Lock, Wiggleworth, Cook, Barnard of Salem, Shute, Adams of Roxbury, Gordon; and Mr. Howard of Boston, by Mistake, was present.  Messrs. Rogers and Chandler were absent.  The Boston Ministers had prepared Something more especially upon the important Articles of Constituting and dismissing a Minister and Mr. Professor Wigglesworth had Collected authoritys.  Those were read over, and the former Paragraph by Paragraph and consented to by all, after proper alterations and corrections.  An Introduction and Peroration were prepared, chiefly by Dr. Cooper, were read, altered, and then resolved upon — to be all writ out by Mr. Adams, to be presented to the Convention, and to be transcribed fairly for the press, if So the Convention Shall see fit.[1]  It was observable that the Committee were closely applyed, and dispatched our Business with happy Success and unanimity.  We all dined there and continued till the whole was finished as above, by the Help of God, to whom be Honour and Glory!  Dr. Chauncy gave me a Letter from Mrs. Hyslop [and?] her Letter to Mr. Loring.  We broke up but little before Sunsett.  I went to Mr. Quincys, who told me it had been Visitation Day in the [Several?] Schools, and the performances of the Youth were to great Satisfaction.  I Visited Cousen Loyd etc.  Lodged at my Sons.

[1]Observations upon the Congregational Plan of Government, Particularly as it Respects the Choice and Removal of Church-Officers, Supported by the Testimony of the Fathers of New-England, and Unanimously Offered to the Consideration of the Churches.  By the Convention of Ministers of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, May 26, 1773 (Boston, 1773).  Evans 12,857.

July 8, 1773

1773 July 8 (Thursday).  Went to See Mrs. Scolley (wife of John Scolley Esq.) to acquaint her as one of the female Society, with the Letters fallen into my Hands among F. Lorings Papers.  Borrowed of her Daughter Melville, the Translation of Eutopia; Mrs. Scolley desired me to visit Mrs. Jeffries.  It was in my way to Lecture.  I complyed.  I was most kindly accepted by both the Deacon and his Wife.  The latter communed with me privately about the Affairs of their Society, She being the Writer of the Society’s Letters to Mr. Loring in his Day; and desired that I would visit them at their Meetings on Wednesdays at Mrs. Browns.  Attended the Lecture.  Mr. Lathrop preached on Joh. 13.17.  “If ye know these Things, happy if you do them.”  Visit Mrs. Margaret Procter, on account of her Letters to F. Loring.  Dined at Mr. Moses Gills.  N.B. His Mother Mrs. Brigden there.  Mr. Gill communicates to me the admirable Letter Mrs. Gill wrote just before her Death to Dr. John Erskine.  N.B. Dr. Charles Coffin has lately marryed Miss [blank] Carns and desired a Visit.  I called accordingly.  P.M. Visit my aged Brother and other Friends.  My Kinsman Elias has a Child lately born, a Daughter, which may God bless!  Took a Tour in the forestreet to view and Compare old Things with late.  Visit old Mrs. Lydia Dyar, formerly Hough, or Huff, an aged infirm Woman.  Was at Mr. Mathers.  At my New Sister Shaws (and drank Tea).  At Mrs. Jones’s (once Apphia Coffin) Daughter of Mr. John Coffin of Newbury.  Lodged again at my Sons.

July 9, 1773

1773 July 9 (Friday).  Rose very early.  Was mounted about Sunrise (fearing the Heat of the Day) and rode to Mr. Cushings for Breakfast, by 7 o’Clock.  Mr. Hubbard, my worthy Class-Mate, lay at Mrs. Williams’s very ill.  I would fain have gone in, but all advised the Contrary, as he was too low to converse.  I therefore desisted.  Rested at Mr. Bridge’s at Framingham.  Got to Southborough by noon.  Dined at Mr. Stones and Stayed till after three.  The Heat great — got home with Difficulty.  Was much worried.  Mrs. Chamberlain here to talk with me.  Dr. Hawes and Wife here, but I was not well able to wait on them.  Was forced to lie down.  N.B. My Daughter Baldwin came Yesterday with Mr. Bradshaw, who returns today to Brookfield.

July 11, 1773

1773 July 11 (Sunday).  Read a.m. Joel 3 and preached on v. 13.  The Subject was Harvest considered in the [II?]d part of my Discourses on this Text in the Year 1744.  P.M. read Rev. 5 and preached on the Harvest as in the first sense mentioned in those former Sermons — omitted much — and the Text was Mark 4.29, latter part.  Will the Lord graciously accept and bless!

July 12, 1773

1773 July 12 (Monday).  Mrs. Kelly grows worse.  [I take a?] Taste of my Eutopia.  We are thrown into perplexity by means of having sent away one of my Oxen to Mr. Baldwins pasture at Coi’s Hill and depending upon Lt. Bakers young Man driving with Some of theirs, one of my young Oxen down from thence to mate the Ox which was left behind at home, the Said young Man has returned without mine, and in the mean time we are forced to be at the Charge of getting Oxen at our Neighbours to get in our Hay.

July 13, 1773

1773 July 13 (Tuesday).  Visit Joseph Grout junior.  Dine at Mr. Grouts — pray there.  In returning called at Capt. Jonathan Fay’s, at Deacon Woods and Mr. Bass’s.  N.B. The Missionary Crosby from Onoguage here, and Mr. Biglow and Mr. Taylor call here, as they go from Grafton to Boston.  Mr. Biglow desires me to write to Mr. Bradshaw to come and Supply Grafton the two next Sabbaths.  Mrs. Anne Davis here.

July 18, 1773

1773 July 18 (Sunday).  Mr. Crosby came from Grafton to preach for me.  Read Amos 1.  Mr. Crosby preached on 1 Pet. 3.18.  P.M. Read Rev. 6.  Mr. Crosby on [blank].  N.B. Administered both the Sacraments.  The Child that was baptized was Lydia, the Daughter of Levi and Deborah Warrin.  May the Lord accept us and bless His holy Ordinances to us, for our Saving Good!

July 20, 1773

1773 July 20 (Tuesday).  Undertake my Journey, Since Mrs. Kelly is no worse.  N.B. one or other of her Children steddily here to attend upon her.  Jenny is here most commonly.  Mr. Forbes and Sister Champney leave this place before me.  And Mr. Bradshaw goes back to Brookfield.  Rode down to Deacon Stones at Framingham to see his wife, an old acquaintance.  Proceeded to Mr. Roberts’s in Weston and dined with him.  Thence to Mr. Merriams at Newtown where I very agreeably lodged.

July 21, 1773

1773 July 21 (Wednesday).  Blessed be God for the plentifull Rains last night, when the Earth had been long and greatly parched.  But my Horse had got out of the Stable, and a Gate having been carelessly left open, he was gone.  I was thrown into great Perplexity.  Hired one Cook and Sent him to look after him.  He Succeeded and brought him back.  D.G.!  Attended the Commencement.  Mr. John Hicks takes Care of my Horse.  I improve Barretts for my Self — where was also Mr. Forbes etc.  Went to Sir Smiths (Manaseh) Chamber.  Dined in the Hall.  No Governour nor Lt. Governour nor Life Guard.  Mr. Crosby pronounced an Indian Oration.  Performed Decently, for what we could See and hear, though few understood any Thing.  President Locke was Created Doctor of Divinity.  Dr. Winthrop read the Diploma, Dr. Winthrop Doctor of Laws, and Mr. Samuel Mather, Doctor of Divinity.  President read their Diplomas.  I was at Sir Whitneys Chamber where I heard of the Death of Mr. David Stearns of Lunenbourg, which may God be pleased to sanctifie to me, to the Widow, to his Mother etc.  He has dyed in the very Glory of Life.  Lodged with Mr. Forbes at Barretts.

July 22, 1773

1773 July 22 (Thursday).  Rode to Boston.  Attended the Convention at Mr. Lovells school House.  The Committee presented the Report we had prepared.  It was read over — then was read distinctly paragraph by paragraph.  After a few Amendments it was accepted and voted Thanks — then that it should be printed.  Above 50 Ministers were present.  No one dissented.  The Moderator prayed at the beginning.  We repaired to the public Lecture.  Mr. Bacon had asked me to preach, but So late that there was no time to prepare.  He preached himself on Eph. 2.10.  I pray I may have the divine Spirit renewing and sanctifying me and enabling me to bring forth good works to the divine Glory!  Dined at Dr. Coopers.  A great Number of Ministers (about 12) dined there also.  N.B. Mr. Frost came.  I shewed him what I had prepared to communicate to him, if he had gone over to Bolton.  Visit Mr. Surcomb, who is very ill, and reduced to his Bed.  Went to see my Brother.  Found him in a yet weaker state, but he still walks abroad.  Went over to my Kinsman Elias’s: N.B. Capt. Bradford (newly returned from sea) and my Kinsman Oliver, were there.  We made a Settlement with Elias, and he paid me the proportion of what Rents he had received for this year past, viz. (old Tenor) £11.8.2, and we who were present gave him Power of Attorney to act in our name respecting the House etc.  Thence I went up with Capt. Bradford to his House to congratulate her on her Husbands arrival.  I thence went to my Sons where I lodged, and Mr. Moore with me.  My Horse being at Mr. Simonds.

July 23, 1773

1773 July 23 (Friday).  Breakfast at Mr. Simonds.  Left with my son Twelve Dollars to buy his Mother a Gown.  In coming out of Town called at Mrs. Scolleys, Mrs. Jeffords, Holbrooks, Procters; Baileys.  Rode up to Mr. Hyslops — refreshed there.  Dined at Mr. Merriams.  Was at Mr. Roberts’s.  Borrowed Lowman on Revelation.  Was at Mr. Stones at Southborough.  Arrived in safety.  Found Mrs. Kelly living and mending.  D.G.  Mr. Moore arrived also a little after me, and lodges here.

July 26, 1773

1773 July 26 (Monday).  Mr. Moore tarrys with us.  We read together Mr. Zabdiel Adams’s Answer to the Bolton Neighbour.[1]  Mrs. Kelly is still mending.  Miss Jenny Kelly is still with her mother.  Mrs. Beeton here to see her, likewise.

[1]Zabdiel Adams (1739-1801), An Answer to a Pamphlet Lately Published, (Under the Signature of a Neighbour), Intitled, “A Treatise on Church Government.” Wherein the Errors of This Anonymous Author’s Narrative of the Troubles and Transactions in the Church at Bolton Are Corrected (Boston, 1773).  Evans 12,636.

July 28, 1773

1773 July 28 (Wednesday).  My Son Moore left us to return home: and may God grant him a prosperous Journey by His holy Will!  N.B. He leaves me to read Mr. Cotton of Plymouths Essays on the Custom of the New England Churches relating to Baptism[1] — and Mr. Robins’s Reply[2] — and carryed with him my Sermon-Notes on Ezek. 24.16, on Lam. 3.19.20, on Rev. 6.8, “a Pale Horse.”  P.M. came old Mrs. Baker and Old Mrs. Newton to visit us.

[1]John Cotton, The General Practice of the Churches of New-England, Relating to Baptism, Vindicated; or, Some Essays on This Important Question, Whether the Practice of Persons Owning or Renewing the Covenant, and Having Baptism for their Children without Coming Immediately into Full Communion, be Warrantable?  Delivered at Several Church-Meetings in Plymouth.  With Some Letters that Have Passed on the Subject (Boston, 1772).  Evans 12,367.

[2]Chandler Robbins, A Reply to Some Essays Lately Published by John Cotton, Esq; (of Plymouth) Relating to Baptism)…  (Boston, 1773).  Evans 12,984.  Cotton replied to Robbins in The General Practice of the Churches of New-England, Relating to Baptism, Further Vindicated: Containing an Answer to the Rev. Chandler Robbins’s Reply, Relative to this Question, Whether the Practice of Persons Owning or Renewing the Covenant, and Having Baptism for their Children, with Coming Immediately into Full Communion, be Warrantable?  Wherein the Affirmative Is More Fully Confirmed.  Together with Some further Remarks on Mr. Robbins’s Injurious Treatment of the Author.  In Three Parts (Boston, 1773).

July 29, 1773

1773 July 29 (Thursday).  To Southborough and dined at Mr. Stones.  Would have carryed my Daughter Baldwin there, but She was too poorly — vomiting a great many times.  Hannah rode with me, in my Daughters Chaise.  I preached the Lecture on Mat. 13.39.  May the Grace of God be given to render the word Effectual to the salvation of many!  In returning call in to See Mr. William Wood’s Wife who was lately delivered of a Child which dyed at its Entrance into the World.