May 29, 1773

[1773 May 29?  (Saturday)].  Called at Proctors and Baileys; at both which heard their sorrowful complaints of my Brothers Condition, as if my [torn]ter was too incapable of taking Care of him.  Returned home.  In my way called at Mr. Adams (Roxbury) [torn] refreshed.  At little Cambridge Mr. Thomas Jackson, Taverner ([who?] marryed Miss Suse Dana) invited me to dine, which accept.  Mr. Cushings Waltham.  At Mr. Wheelers in Sudbury to look [torn] his Division of his F. Lorings Books and Papers.  At Mr. [torn] edge’s, where was his son (who is to preach at Marlborough tomorrow).  Arrived safely, though late, and found my Family well.  All Thanks [torn]raise to God!  Mr. Forbes and his Wife here, but their sister Lucy [torn] were obliged to leave at Coll. Brighams at Southborough.