May 27, 1773

1773 May 27 (Thursday).  Attended the Convention (which was at the school House) from whence we proceeded to the public Exercises at the Old South.  Dr. Pemberton Moderator.  Mr. Edward Barnard preached from Gal. 6.7.8.  The Collection amounted to [blank].  I dined at Dr. Eliots.  P.M. met with the Ministers, who seemed to meet together with one accord, to consider the present state of Ministers and Churches — moved hereto by the sorrowful Aspects at Bolton.  A greater Number of Ministers at this Convention than usual.  “Upon a Motion made and seconded, the Question was put, whether it is the Opinion of this Convention that the state of the Churches in this Province, with respect to Church Order and Discipline is Such as to require the Attention of this Convention?”  Passed Affirmatively Nem. Con.  Question put — Whether the Convention will now choose a Committee to make diligent Enquiry into the Sense and meaning of the Platform of Church Discipline and the general Practice of our Fathers and of the Churches in this Land from their Days with respect to Church Order — They to lay the Result of their Enquirys before the Convention at their next Meeting.  Passed affirmatively.  Nemine Contr.  The Committee chosen, Dr. Chauncy, Dr. Pemberton, Dr. Eliot, President Locke, Dr. Cooper, Messrs. Cook of Notomy, Adams of Roxbury, Professor Wigglesworth, Dr. Appleton, Messrs. Rogers of Littleton, Chandler of Rowley, P________, Shute, Barnard of Salem, Gorden.  I prayed at the Conclusion, when the Convention was adjourned to the Day after Commencement, 9 a.m. at the Same place.  Was at Mr. Mathers after the meeting.  Borrowed of him Cotton of the Keyes and other Tracts.  4to.  At Mr. Quincys — Mr. Cranch’s.  Paid him two Dollars for mending my Watch — but he gave me Dr. Brays Bibliotheca paroch. [1]  N.B. I bought out of Governor Barnards Library Stillingfl. Orig. Sacr. and Mori Eutopia.  We, My Children abovesaid and Lucy as well as I, Supped at my Son Samuels where were Brother Shaw, his Wife and Friend, Mrs. Pidgeon of Newtown.

[1]Thomas Bray (1656-1730), DNB?