May 4, 1773

1773 May 4 (Tuesday).  The workmen and a great Number of people undertake the moving the West End.  Messrs. William Brigham and David Brigham with their Wives, dined here, as did Mr. Keenes.  Mr. Peter Whitney (whom I had writ to, apprizing and inviting) came p.m.  N.B. Mr. Walley and Coll. Whitcomb, going to Upton, Stop at the Meeting House, and the Movings there being accomplished, the people requested me to Return Thanks publickly; to perform which we gathered into the House — and after prayer we Sung part of the 132 Ps.  Deacon Wood invited me, Mr. Whitney etc. to an Entertainment at his House.  I went, but Mr. Whitney to Capt. Maynards.  Thus this arduous Enterprise was finished without any Disaster.  The Praise to God our Preserver!  N.B. Harrington and Caruth did not come home at Night.