May 1, 1773

1773 May 1 (Saturday).  Mr. Ballard of Oxford from Boston, returning home, calls here: Mr. Stone changes with Mr. Hall of Sutton — as he goes to Sutton takes a Dinner here.  Rev. Joseph Willard of Mendon came and dined here also.  P.M. Alexander came with Ruth Bellows, and returned with a Bush. of Rye and a Bush. and half of Indian Corn.  Sorrowful News of the Death of John Arnold (well known among us) by the fall of a Tree a few days ago, at Heneker.  O that this solemn Warning might be improved suitably by all of us!  By me especially, that I may be always ready!  Lord, make me know my End!  O that young people, his Acquaintance in special, who are gay and walk in the Vanity of their Minds, might be awakened to Repentence and prepare for Sudden Death!