March 1, 1773

1773 March 1 (Monday).  I am affected with the Consideration of the Flight of Time: that we have been carryed through another Winter, is also matter of praise to our gracious God.  To His Name therefore be the Glory of our preservation!  And may the End hereof be diligently attended to!  Town-Meeting.  Two Men, Messrs. Gale, and Jonathan Grout, came to Me from the Town to desire me to go to the Meeting House and pray with them.  I complyed — went and prayed.  N.B. The Town Clerk, Mr. Moses Wheelock, is Sick.  Memor[andum?].  I asked publicly to be gratifyed with the pamphlet which the antient and respectable Town of Boston had sent hither, for I have neither seen it nor can find where it is.  I would Seek the Peace and Welfare of this place, of this Province, and of the British Realm, on which we are dependent.  But I could not hear of Said Pamphlet.

March 2, 1773

1773 March 2 (Tuesday).  Reckon with Neighbour Thomas Arnold.  Visit Miss Lydia Nurse, who is confined by grievous illness and lameness; dined there — prayed with her.  P.M. attend the private Meeting at Mr. Jonathan Grouts, on Numb. 23.10.  May it be a word of Power to all of us!  N.B. I find by Conversing with some persons after meeting that the minds of many are disturbed with what is doing about the Meeting House.  Call to see Mr. Wheelock, who is sick.

March 3, 1773

1773 March 3 (Wednesday).  Mr. Thomas Arnold and his Family move from the Town to go to Hadley.  Mr. William Spring and his Family are come to live nigh us in Mr. Arnolds room.  Mr. Hancock the Taylor at work here for Breck.  Rev. Fish of Upton dines here.  He came upon Business with Breck; and after little Conversation with me, returned home.

March 4, 1773

1773 March 4 (Thursday).  Received and read the Boston Pamphlet, of their Votes and Proceedings, and Letter of Correspondence.  O that God who is infinite Wisdom would grant to His people Wisdom and Direction, in this dark and difficult Day!  Am closely engaged in my preparations — may I enjoy the presence and Help of God!

March 5, 1773

1773 March 5 (Friday).  Mr. Henry Quincy of Boston came to Breakfast with me.  Brought me a Letter from his worthy Father (which was as welcome as long) expressive of his cordial Friendship, his pious Sense of the Necessity of Religion to render us happy, and of Charity to make this World what we would wish it; in it he presages a Political Storm arising, the Event of which may finally be the Glory of America.  Received from Mr. Stone, his Desire to ‘change.  John Fay Having killed a pig yesterday about [blank] Months old, to day he weighed, cut up and Salted it.  Weighed 9 score and [blank] Pound.  Sophy rode to deacon Batchelors at Grafton for him to weave a Coverlid.  At night she returns, and Mr. Isaac Biglow with her.  Deacon Brown came from Leicester, in his way home.  They both lodge here.

March 7, 1773

1773 March 7 (Sunday).  Preached at Southborough a. and p.m. on Zech. 2.5.  “For I saith the Lord will be a Wall of Fire” etc.  Will the Lord please to add His Blessing!  There were indeed but few, being rainy and stormy — till late p.m.  It cleared off and the Evening pleasant, but having much desire to confer with Mr. Stone on various subjects, had agreed to stay there, did so.

March 8, 1773

1773 March 8 (Monday).  Brought home from Mr. Stones, Clarks Lives of 10 English Divines, and a Number of other eminent persons.  4to.  Arrived in safety and my Tabernacle in peace.  D.G.  N.B. In returning, I visited the widow Gale and son Amsden.  Also called at the workhouse to See Garfield, but he went off.  I nevertheless went in to see his Wife and Children.  My son John came home from Shrewsbury; his time with Mr. Stone being expired.  Read Mr. Jeremiah Dummers Defence of the New England Charters.[1]

[1]Jeremiah Dummer (1681-1739), A Defence of the New-England Charters (Boston, 1745).  Evans 5576.  Another edition appeared in 1765 (Evans 9960).

March 13, 1773

1773 March 13 (Saturday).  Hancock the Taylor is here at work for Breck from Day to Day.  I am endeavouring to prepare for the Sabbath, but meet with many avocations and interruptions.  Have received last Evening a Letter from Mr. Thomas Adams of Medfield, with Several Books I had lent him, and Dr. Evans of the Christian Temper which he had bargained to me and was long looked for.  Mr. Isaac Biglow going to Grafton, and Mr. Nathaniel Whitney junior dine here.  Towards Eve came Mr. Henry Quincy from Rutland, and lodges here.

March 16, 1773

1773 March 16 (Tuesday).  Went to See and talk with Solomon Batheric and his Wife, they having had a Child too soon.  The man not at home.  Admonished the woman, calling her to Repentence.  P.M. Visit Mrs. Fisher who also has lately brought forth a Child prematurely.  Admonished and exhorted her — her Husband not there.  So that I determined to take another time.  N.B. Capt. Thomas Mellen and his Wife, with Deacon Wood and his wife, made us a Visit.  N.B. Solomon Prentice of Grafton we hear was seized lately for putting off Counterfeit Dollars: and two more [blank] for making them.  The former is bailed, the two latter are committed.  My Son Breck is gone to Worcester to secure his own Interest with one of them.

March 17, 1773

1773 March 17 (Wednesday).  Breck returned from Worcester.  Mr. Isaac Biglow preached my Lecture from Joh. 3.5.  Tarrys and lodges here.  N.B. Susanna Brigham brought her Relation.  My Son William came this Way from Medfield and Medway and lodges here.  His Wife, he tells me is, and has been for some time, much out of Health.  Mr. Biglow tarries with us.

March 18, 1773

1773 March 18 (Thursday).  Mr. Biglow goes to Holden.  Billy pays me £14 old Tenor for the Steer he bought of me.  He pays me also 31£ for the fat Heiffer which he had with the Steer.  P.M. he leaves us to go home.  At Eve came my Son Alexander and laments it that he hath missed again of Seeing his Brother William, this being, he says, the 3d or 4th time when it has been so; and he has not seen him for [blank] Years.  Elias also came with Alexander in his returning from Brookfield.  Tells me John is in Mr. Hitchcocks Business for a while — and then is to go to Oxford.  By a Letter from my Son Ebenezer am informed that one of his little Boys (Neddy) with a sharp Ax, cut two of Lewis’s fingers almost off.  Viz. the fore and middle Fingers of his right Hand.

March 21, 1773

1773 March 21 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Ps. 41.4, a Discourse prepared at first for Mrs. Sarah Smith, but now first (with many Additions) delivered in public and accommodated to the Communion.  It is No. MDCCXXVIII.  Admitted Mrs. Elizabeth Fay (Capt. Benjamin’s Wife) and Susanna Brigham junior into Church Fellowship.  Mrs. Maynard and Phinehas Forbes dined here.  P.M. preached on Deut. 32.46.47.  At Eve read in the Family part of Dr. Calamy on vows, ch. 10.  Of the dreadful Case of those who keep vows etc. without any Serious Sense etc.

March 23, 1773

1773 March 23 (Tuesday).  A.M. Visit Mr. Barnabas Newtons Family.  His wife lay in when She had the Meazles: and 4 Children visited also.  Went to See Mr. Fisher and his wife.  Reckoned and settled with Mr. Townsend.  Mr. Stone here to trade with Breck.  Dined with us.  He goes to Northborough.  I Spend some time with the Diary.  N.B. Mr. James Pierce a Cripple.

March 24, 1773

1773 March 24 (Wednesday).  I had Brecks Mare to ride to Bolton Lecture.  Called at Mrs. Martyns.  A Vendue of part of her Goods last night.  Took Mr. Whitney with me to Bolton, but Mr. Stone (who lodged at Northborough last night) goes to Marlborough to a Singing Lecture there.  Dined at Mr. Goss’s.  Rev. Messrs. Morse and Johnson there.  Mr. Morse prayed before sermon.  Mr. Johnson preached: his Text Eph. 4.1 — “walk worthy the Vocation” etc.  The Church with Mr. Goss asked our Advice, but I little to say.  Returning with Mr. Whitney called at Mr. Nat. Longleys and read to him the Letter which I composed some time ago to be sent to Capt. Bailey and him, but was not Sent.  Lodged at Mr. Whitneys.

March 28, 1773

1773 March 28 (Sunday).  Read Hosea VI.  Preached on the 3 first v.  P.M. read 1 Joh. 2 and went on with the Discourse begun awhile ago from Mat. 16.26.  Proceeded to the End, though with Some considerable omissions.  O that God would be graciously pleased to bless these Exercises, to my own and the people’s greatest Good and Benefit!  In the Evening read in the Family an excellent portion of Mr. Mitchel on the Glorys of Heaven, Sermon 8.

March 29, 1773

1773 March 29 (Monday).  Mr. Jonathan Batherick came, at Brecks procuring, to work upon the Frame of an Hog’s Sty.  I wrote to Mr. Bradshaw.  Visited Mrs. Lucy Maynard again, and prayed with her.  P.M. Visited old Mrs. Woods, She being in distressing pain, prayed with her.  Visited at Mr. Cooks and his sons.  Viewed his many Contrivances at his Damms; Gutters; Mills etc.

March 30, 1773

1773 March 30 (Tuesday).  Mr. Batheric and John are framing.  Jonathan Maynard here, confirms the agreement to work for me for 8 months etc.  He dines here, as does Mr. Batheric, and Mr. Collins Moore, who calls here in his way to Boston.  Afterwards came my Kinsman Bradshaw, and though late dined here.  Then came Master Taylor and one Mr. Emmerson, an Housewright.  Neither had they dined till now, but Dinner was got for them.  At Eve came Master Waters from Sutton and lodges here.  Also my Kinsman John Bradshaw came from Stoughtonham, hoping there might be room for him to live with me and labour for me, but he is too late.

March 31, 1773

1773 March 31 (Wednesday).  My Kinsman tarrys with us.  I rode to Shrewsbury: dined at Mr. Sumners.  Rev. Messrs. Morse, Goss, and Davis dined there also.  I preached the Lecture — on 2 Cor. 4.1-4.  Mr. Sumner Stayed the Church by reason of a Letter from Bolton disaffected Members — but post-poned the affair for two months.  N.B. had but a little Discourse with poor Mr. Davis.  Mr. Goss and two of his Brethren, viz. Benjamin Bailey and Joshua Johnson go to Worcester.  I returned home.  Found my Son Cushing here who had waited on his Mother from Ashburnham.  N.B. Old Mrs. Kelly much indisposed.