February 10, 1773

1773 February 10 (Wednesday).  Breck goes to Boston designing to attend his Brothers Wedding.  May the Lord guard, restrain and conduct him!  And let him return in safety.  Master Smiths School finished yesterday: so that now Elias is at home.  P.M. to my Surprize come Sophy from Ashburnham, accompanyed by a sleigh full from Shrewsbury, viz. her Brother John, Mr. Joseph Stone and his Wife and Wifes sister With Misses Lydia and Lucy Cushing.  At Eve the Sleigh returned.  Sophy acquaints me with her Sickness at Ashburnham — being taken ill on December 14 of a bilious Fever, in great Extremity of Pain; continued ill that week.  Dr. Thaddeus Maccarty of Fitchbourg attended upon her and was Succeeded, by divine Blessing, and was very generous — receiving no pay for his Visits (4 times, 8 miles) nor for his Medicines, except one which was half a Dollar.  But chiefly Thanks are due to God her Sovereign Healer!  And may She devote her Spared Life to the divine Glory!  The Company acquainted me that the aged Col. John Jones of Hopkinton is dead.  He was a worthy man, and greatly instrumental to promote the Settlement of that Town, and Support the Cause of God in it.  May the Lord Sanctifie this Stroke of His holy Providence to them of that Place; raise up others to maintain and forward the great Interest there, Now almost every one is gone that were at the beginning and founding that Church!  And O that God would Sanctifie it to Me who have lived to See so many changes among them that I may be ready also, for the time of my own Departure can’t be far off.  He alone can fit me for it.