January 12, 1773

1773 January 12 (Tuesday).  Read chiefly Wise’s Church’s Quarrell espoused:[1] which, considering that the Cause of that bitter Satyr has ceased; and there are no ministers now on the Stage who are of the mind which the Authors of the Proposals were of, that I know of, or there can be no pretence among any Ministers to offer any such to the Churches; it is pity it is reprinted.  It may have a great Tendency to raise groundless Jealousies, to enflame the minds of many, and promote Divisions.

[1] John Wise (1652-1725), The Churches Quarrel Espoused: Or, a Reply in Satyre to Certain Proposals Made, in Answer to This Question, What Further Steps Are to Be Taken That the Councils May Have Due Constitution and Efficacy in Supporting, Preserving and Well-Ordering the Interest of the Churches in the Country (2d ed.; Boston, 1715).  Evans 1795.  This was reprinted as part of Wise, A Vindication of the Government of New-England Churches… (Boston, 1772).