January 4, 1773

1773 January 4 (Monday).  Samuel acquaints me with his Desire to be marryed (God willing and if I pleased) next March — and Should be glad of my and his Mothers company.  Mr. Whitney of Northborough here and dined with us.  Soon After Dinner our Company except Mr. W. left us to return to Boston.  Mr. Whitney acquainted me with Mr. Mellen’s Troubles at Chauxit, by reason of the Bolton Contests.  He also talks with me about dividing or selling the ministerial Lot — and boldly tells me that he had agreed with John Kelly to do what he supposes he has done in the Ministerial Lot etc. etc.  Mrs. P____________ not well.  Town Meet to receive their Committees Draught of Instructions to their Representative.  At Eve agree with John Fay (Capt. Benjamin’s son) to live with me 3 months for 24£ old Tenor, or if the weather be good, 25£.  Read in F. Lorings Diary.