December 29, 1772

1772 December 29 (Tuesday).  Mrs. P. rode with me to Capt. Jonas Brighams (in compliance with his repeated Request).  Dined there.  P.M. Captain rode with me to See old Mrs. Beeman who is confined.  Prayed with her.  Returned with the Captain to his House.  Drank Tea there, and he got his Horse and acommpanyed us in the way home, out to the Road by Dr. Haws — so respectful and courteous was he.  Yet Several parts of the Conversation brought  in Complaints respecting Ministers — particularly in the Bolton Affair and the ill State of Things in most places — and much amiss in our own.  I mentioned to him Mrs. Eunice Rice and our incumbent Duty to call her to Account.  We came home in safety.  Blessed be God who upholds our goings, and saves us from Harm!  N.B. Disquietment in Northborough and Westminster about Psalm-Books, and singing.