December 26, 1772

1772 December 25 (Friday).  Looked for Reuben a.m. but in vain.  Miss Lucy Parker has been at work here several Days, making Cloths for Elias, out of Cast off Garments of Sam’s.  But she is now making him a Pair of Breeches of a Deer skin which I buy of Breck.  P.M. Reuben came from his Mothers, and otherwhere.  But was now determined to break off and go way.  Was willing to give all he had done — asked me nothing — I was welcome, because of the Dammage he was Sensible he Should do me by going away.  My pleading, urging, expostulating, offers to him, pitying, representing the Injustice, breach of promise, unhandsomeness, unsteddiness, disgrace — the unfitness of leaving me at the Close of the week, and entreating that he would but tarry till the beginning of the week — nothing wrought upon him — nor my enquiring of him whether any thing was amiss or wanting, with me or mine — whether he was dissatisfyed with the Terms?  It, all of it, produced any thing to hinder his going: he had no fault to complain of, only of himself and was resolved upon it, and bid me farewell.  Thus childishly Stubborn and invincibly Sett, Reuben left me.  This Evening Breck goes for me to Daniel Hardy on this Affair, to See whether he will consider my Disappointment and come.  N.B. Received a large Letter from Mr. Ebenezer Rice of Annapolis, dated Nov. 23, last.