November 15, 1772

1772 November 15 (Sunday).  I preached (here at Rochester) a. and p.m. on 2 Cor. 4.16, and baptized my grand Daughter, Anna-Sophia.  It was at Mr. Moores repeated Desire, and he proposed it to the Church.  N.B. at noon I went to Squire Ruggles’s, where I had refreshment though I did not formally dine.  My Daughter was not so well this morning, having been much troubled with a Cough which exceedingly worrys her and keeps her low.  May God be gracious to her in this her weak and distressed state!  I pray for His almighty Grace to quicken me by this great Affliction and enable me to profit by it!  And as I find my outward man decays, that my inward man may be renewed day by day.  Would God be pleased to bless the Exercises of the Day to this purpose, to me, and to the Auditors!  The Lord accept the Administration of Baptism, and bless the Infant, granting her divine Grace and Wisdom to His Glory and her Eternal Salvation!