October 23, 1772

1772 October 23 (Friday).  Ventured to make a Visit to Mrs. Fay.  Found the Ensign not well, but his Wife delirious.  Their Daughter, Mrs. Rhoda Maynard, much overcome.  I conversed as I could, but was not asked to pray.  However, Several of the Young Persons Said they hoped I would not forget them.  Dr. Ball there and informs me that the Council at Holden is over, and that Mr. Davis is dismissed.  A Most sorrowful Dispensation!  May God grant me Grace to make proper Reflections!  and O that Others, that I, may be kept from falling, and dishonouring our holy Office.  Old Mr. Arnold was here Yesterday and to day, urging me to go again to the Church Meeting at Grafton.  And towards Evening came Mr. Hutchinson himself.  He desires he may find in me a Father and a Friend.  Discovers to me what he purposes; and prays me not to deny his Request of my attending their Meeting this once more.  After much importunity and reasoning with me upon it, I can’t withstand — but do Consent to go.  He has been at Holden and attended on the Council; heard the Accusations, the Speeches and Result.  I don’t understand that he was charged with any Gross Act: but So much was found, that it was evident all his Usefulness there, was over.  Therefore Mr. Davis asked a Dismission; is accordingly dismissed; but by his humble Address is restored to the Charity of the Church, and if he shall behave well, after 3 Months (during which Time he is suspended from Preaching), he may be again recommended to Service in the Churches.  The Lord Pity him and give him Repentance unto Life!  And O that God would graciously compassionate our state who remain in the Ministry!  We know not what to think or say.  We are confounded, and Cast our Selves into the Dust.  Horror hath taken hold of me, because men forsake the divine Law!  Ezra Ripley from College came.  Lodged here.