October 22, 1772

1772 October 22 (Thursday).  Catechetical Exercise.  22 Young Women.  Preached to them on the Nature of God.  Gave at the End (besides the former uses) a close application according to the present state — a Number of our young people having been guilty of Fornication.  May the Lord grant them the Grace of unfeigned Repentance and Reformation and Others be admonished and Cautioned!  Mrs. Wilson of New Brantry, and Mrs. Caryl here to see their Aunt.  Hear that Mrs. Fay abovesaid has a Fever; and is insane.  Wrote by Josiah Newton to Mr. Jacob Biglow at Waltham, that I did not know him etc.   Received a Letter from Rochester of the 18, and that on the 19th 6 o’Clock a.m. my Daughter Moore was in Travel; has women about 2 Hours.  May the Omnipresent and All sufficient God be with her as the Matter may require!  Though I hope by this time she has happily experienced Deliverance.  Capt. Jonas Brigham here, and very Curteous.