October 19, 1772

1772 October 19 (Monday).  Deacon Wood informs me that there is great Trouble at Ensign Jeduthun Fay’s: That his son came earnestly to him this morning to desire him to go to their House — that he found Mrs. Fay in a distressed Condition by Reason of the great Confusions and Contests in the Family arising from their different sentiments in Religion.  A number of Neighbours, about 30 old and young, came about 9 or 10 o’Clock to husk my Corn.  I committed the whole matter of their Refreshments and their Dinner to them, to have every thing relating thereto when and as they Should please.  Accordingly They had Liquor and Bread and Cheese to their Satisfaction, but they did not choose to have the dinner till they had done husking the Corn, which was carted.  A Load was left in the Field.  This they could not meddle with because what was brought held them till sunsett.  I went out to them not less than three times to entreat to have their Food, and See that they had Drink enough.  But yet two, Mr. Tainter and Mr. Biglow, appeared offended and I was told that some went away — but a Number returned again and stayed to eat with us.  The abovementioned were also pacifyed.  The Two Deacons (especialy Deacon Wood), together with other elderly Men, conducted the Affair.  The Corn was very Moist, having been greatly Soaked by the late great Rains.