October 18, 1772

1772 October 18 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 65.  Preached on Hosea V.1-4.  Mr. Waters dined here.  P.M. Read 2 Pet. Ch. 1.  Went on with the Subject from Luk. 8.18 and finished the Repetition of that Continuation of page 12 of Sermon on 2 Cor. 2.16 and in the Close delivered some Quickenings and Directions in the Duty of Charitable Contributions.  After Sermon we had a Contribution  for Mr. Samuel Fay.  I fear it is but small.  Many Persons have manifested great Dissatisfaction with him for what they have understood of his Conduct towards his Wife and Children — but I hope he is more humble and meek, now he is brought into so great Straits and Difficultys.  May the Lord pity and re[lieve?] him — blessing to him what has been Collected this Day for him!  The Lord pardon us wherein we have been deficient and accept graciously our Offering, be it more or less!