October 12, 1772

1772 October 12 (Monday).  I rode to Grafton and a.m. attended the Church Meeting as Moderator again: and prayed.  Rev. Messrs. Hall and Maccarty there also.  The aggrieved Brethrens Paper of Sept. 7th, by Desire, was read.  Question put whether it should be sustained?  It passed in the Negative.  And by the Church’s Consent it was returned.  N.B. Mr. Isaac Harrington affirmed to the Church that I, at the first Church Meeting, did read a Letter or what I said was a Letter, from Mr. Hutchinson and which was not the Same with that Copy which I sent — or the Original which I at another Meeting afterwards read as Mr. Hutchinsons and that there were 20 persons besides which could testify the same.  See on Sept. 21.  I urged for Dissolution of the Meeting.  Put it to a Vote — but they would not vote it.  I repeated it — but still there was no Vote.  The Meeting was adjourned to this Day fortnight, 9 o’Clock precisely.  N.B. The aggrieved desire they may have a Friendly Conference with Mr. Hutchinson at his House next Thursday at his House, and he to invite such as he pleases of his Brethren.  He consents.  N.B. Mr. John Sherman, after Meeting, tells me he has been disquieted with me these 17 Years — and relates what I know nothing of — could remember nothing in the world about it.  But asked his pardon if it were so.  Dined at Mr. Hutchinsons.  Return home.  One Mr. Ebenezer Tufts of Medford my Company part of the Way.  Says Mr. Turell is not able to preach.  Master Waters here — and lodges.