October 11, 1772

1772 October 11 (Sunday).  Read Hosea 5 and preached a.m. on the first 4 verses.  Dined here Mrs. Spring.  P.M. Read 1 Pet. 5.  In preaching went on with the Continuation of page 12 of Sermon on 2 Cor. 2.16 from p. 7 to p. 11, but had Luk. 8.18 for the Text, as that was most suitable.  N.B. I  was not aware that I had repeated them before now.  N.B. The writing being Small, I was obliged to use spectacles and therefore borrowed Deacon Woods for this afternoon.  I perceive my Eyes are not as heretofore.  The Lord sanctifie this Token of my Decay, to me.