September 22, 1772

1772 September 22 (Tuesday).  Mr. Hall and Mr. Hutchinson go to Mendon Association.  I returned home.  In my way Mr. Rockwood stops me at his Wall to lament their Case.  Owns his mistaking my Reading at the former Meeting, which probably was Mr. Hutchinsons Record, for his Letter to me, and thereupon his thinking — he did not know what, of me.  Says he is sorry etc.  I called at Deacon Merriams and refreshed.  Called at Mr. Silas Warrins, and he (as well as Rockwood) owns his Mistake of that Reading.  Says he is sorry.  His Wife crys bitterly; her Cry was that when I took such Pains, and out of Goodness, to serve them in their Difficultys, they Should reward me so ungratefully.  I went that Road that I might call and See Mr. Nathan Leland and his Wife, who are come to live among us.  Was at Mr. Thomas Twitchells.  Before I got to Mr. Phinehas Hardys, my Horse stumbled, fell down, threw me off, upon the Ground, and it was wonderfull I escaped — but, through the Great Goodness and Mercy of God, I got up unhurt, and arrived here safe.