September 21, 1772

1772 September 21 (Monday).  Mr. Bradshaw setts out on his Journey to Brookfield and designs to go to Pelham to preach there. I went again to the Church Meeting at Grafton, according to adjournment.  Rev. Messrs. Hall and Maccarty came.  We dined at Mr. Hutchinson’s.  We all went to the Meeting.  Mr. Hall prayed.  Unhappy altercations follow.  Mr. Holbrook, Mr. Nathaniel Whitney and others desired that the late Transactions of the Church should be Re-considered.  It was proposed, and voted Affirmatively.  See the Records for the rest of the proceedings.  But I may well remember, that from the Copy which I had given of Mr. Hutchinsons Letter to me, there arose great Disquietment (which had occasioned those mens coming to me on the 15th), for they had Supposed that to be in the Letter, which was not.  For which Reason I produced the Letter it self and read it.  This caused Surprize, and I was asked earnestly whether it was indeed the very Letter.  It was affirmed by some of them that it was very different from what I read in the first Meeting.  I offered to be deposed before a Magistrate that it was the Same and that I had not read any other as his Letter.  I conceive they have made this Mistake, viz. At the opening of the Business of these Meetings, I desired Mr. Hutchinson to read his Record of the Votes of the Meeting of the Church when this Meeting was appointed or warned.  This he did, and I suppose I did after him — and therein Mention is made of the Motion made by the aggrieved for a Church Meeting.  Now this (my reading his Record) was probably what they imagined to be his Letter to me; which led them into Mistake; and they were so stirred as that (having put it into the late paper of Charge against Mr. Hutchinson and not finding they could Support it) they would now question my Faithfulness.  It was remarked how strong, extensive and mischievous the power of prejudice.  I hope that what I said gave satisfaction to the impartial.  When they moved for further adjournment I told them they might not depend upon my Coming again.  The Meeting was adjourned to Wednesday come fortnight.  Mr. Maccarty prayed at the Close.  Was obliged to tarry at Mr. Hutchinsons.  Mr. Hall also.  In the Eve came in  there Two Deacons Merriam and Batchellor, Mr. Ephraim Sherman, Mr. John Prentice and others.  N.B. Mr. Shermans Exception against Mr. Hutchinson for baptizing a Negro without Administering the Covenant to him.  Mr. Hutchinson told us he judged he did, for he did it as he, the Negro, could bear — in such Language as, by its being familiar, he might understand — spoke Negro, That is, such broken words and accents as they Speak.  Mr. Sherman hastily took him up, and asked him if he could speak Negro?  And grew ready to accuse him for this, which was to  us Surprizing.  Lodged with Mr. Hall.