September 15, 1772

1772 September 15 (Tuesday).  Messrs. Hezekiah Taylor and Ephraim Sherman from Grafton here.  Dined with us.  Their Errand was to confer with me upon this Question, Whether Mr. Hutchinson had not writ to me that the Church Meeting (to which I was called to be moderator) was by the Desire of the aggrieved Brethren?  For this was one of the Articles which they had complained of Mr. Hutchinson for in their last Paper, which was offered the 7th instant.  P.M. Rode to Mrs. Kendalls to the Marriage of her Daughter Mehetabel to Nathan Fisher.  N.B. A young man from Dartmouth College, Cornelius Waters, there: he is the present School-Master and boards there.  I am now concluding my 69th Year: the Thought of which impresses my Mind and Heart.  O that I might have a due Sense of it, and might properly improve it!