September 9, 1772

1772 September 9 (Wednesday).  After many Conflicts in my own Mind, concerning the Miserable state of Grafton, who have appointed a Fast, and yet have not accepted Mr. Hutchinsons Confession and will not forgive him; I rode up there (my Daughter Sophy with me) hoping to See the Ministers which they had sent to besides; and consult with them but there was very little Opportunity for that.  Mr. Hall and Mr. Maccarty came, but must presently go to Meeting.  Mr. Hall began with prayer.  Mr. Maccarty entertained us with a pertinent Discourse on Ps. 133.  P.M. Mr. Frost not coming, Mr. Maccarty prayed and I preached on Phil. 2.1 to 5 v.  And O that God would forgive and pardon!  That He would accept and bless, us and this poor divided People!  I stopped the Church according to adjournment.  Lt. Ward and Ephraim Sherman in Church Meeting had still their ill-natured Reflections — which I was obliged to resent and Suppress.  What was so contrary to all the fervent Exhortations they had heard, was too grievous for me to bear.  I could not easily get rid of my Moderatorship, though I made attempts one time after another: but I desired the Church to join Mr. Hall and Mr. Maccarty and invite them to come — first adjourning to next Monday come Se’nnight, one p.m.  N.B. Deacon Batchellor, and Deacon Merriam Seconding him, desired it might be Friday next, and it was voted — but in Condescension to Mr. Adams, Ward etc., receded — and the Motion for Monday come sennight obtained.  I was glad to See that good Spirit towards their Brethren.  I gave the Blessing at the Close of their Meeting.  Sophy went with Mrs. Molly Taylor.  I returned home, though in the Rain.  Breck had fewer hands at work at his store.  Daniel lodges here.