September 7, 1772

1772 September 7 (Monday).  In the morning hastened to Mr. Maccartys.  He was not come home from Chauxit, but Mr. Mellen was there.  More of Mr. Davis, who is the Subject of Conversation.  Called at Mr. Isaac Pratts (in Worcester), where I was entertained with much frankness.  Hastened on to Grafton.  Dined at Mr. Hutchinsons.  Three aggrieved brought another paper of Complaint against Mr. Hutchinson to be laid before the Church.  Attended the Church Meeting as Moderator and prayed.  Read the votes of the last, and the Business of this, Meeting.  It was urged by the aggrieved that I would lay before the Church, the Paper brought to day, but I was not prepared and could not be; for one of the Articles referred to the Letter which Mr. Hutchinson sent to me dated July 13 last, which I had not with me.  Therefore I declined communicating it till a proper time.  Read Mr. Hutchinsons Confession (which now had some Addition).  N.B. Mr. Hutchinson was obliged to attend a Funeral, viz. of Hannah Lawrence, Indian, in the time of the Church-Meeting.  The Vote was put whether they were Satisfyed with Mr. Hutchinsons Confession.  Out of 30 members present, but 12 lifted up their Hands: 18, including the 7 aggrieved, were on the Negative.  It was conceived that a Number were stumbled by the Paper thrown in as abovesaid but when it was handed among them and read privately, two more, viz. Major Willard and Mr. [blank] Holbrook, manifested their acceptance of the Confession.  Much reasoning and debating ensued — particularly how they could keep the Fast since they would not forgive.  The Paper which the Brethren aggrieved had before presented which contained their Confession and the Consideration of which was part of our proper Business to Day, was not heard, because of the many Debates and strifes — and therefore was deferred to another time.  The Church Meeting was adjourned to Wednesday next after the public Exercises.  The Meeting concluded with the Blessing.  I met with some harsh Oppositions; particularly from Mr. Stephen Prentice — and because I remarked the Custom among them of Such Numbers of the Congregation being suffered to be at Church Meetings, Mr. John Sherman (not of the Church) made a bold Reply.  In returning home Mr. Nathaniel Whitney junior was company part of the way.  Found my Tabernacle in peace.  Blessed be God for this Favour!  Am informed that last Tuesday Mr. Fish (by Desire) preached at the Family Meeting at Deacon Woods.  His Text Ps. 115.1.  And that Mr. Sumner preached in my Pulpit, for Mr. Conkling on the Lords Day, Aug. 30.  Texts Jonah and Rom. 12.2.  Breck has a Number of workmen who are Closing, digging, stoning etc.  Messrs. Joseph Green junior, [blank] Green of Hopkinton, John Harrington, Nathan Fisher, Joseph Rice, Solomon Batherick, Increase Daniels.