May 28, 1772

1772 May 28 (Thursday).  Went to See my Brother.  Found him weak and broken, yet he could converse.  Attended the Convention, which met at Mr. Lovells School-House.  Was moderator and prayed.  Saw and conversed with Brother Smith who was at Convention.  Mr. President Locke preached on 2 Cor. 4.2, latter part, “but by manifestation of the Truth” etc.  The Collection was 21£ 3.11 Lawful Money.  Last Years was £  Dined at Dr. Chauncy’s.  Returned to the Convention.  Dr. Eliot made the Concluding prayer.  N.B. Mr. Ed. Barnard having been confirmed to preach next Convention, Mr. Chandler of Rowley was chose his Second.  At Eve I visited Mr. Surcomb who is confined by his Gout and a Cold etc.  Lodged with my Son Samuel.  N.B. At my Son Samuels Request I have this afternoon complyed with a Message from Shaw Esq. to drink Tea at his House, where was his Daughter, Miss Sally, with whom, as it seems, my Son has contracted Intimacy.