April 8, 1772

1772 April 8 (Wednesday).  Visit Mrs. Grout and pray with her.  N.B. Mr. Silas Warrin met me.  He was going to my House on purpose, he said, to ask my forgiveness of his Conduct on Sabbath Day, which I was freely willing to do, he being to all Appearance very penitant.  Lieut. Baker and I p.m. rode over to Lieut. Martyn, he being brought very low; consuming away.  Dr. Wilson, Ball, Joslyn etc. there in Consultation.  Sister Martyn at Brookfield, but Mr. Richard is gone for her.  I went to Mr. Whitneys, where was the Widow Eager, who came to me and delivered me 25/ old Tenor to get a Cover for the great Bible which her Father Wheeler gave to our Church.  I returned to Lieut. Martyn, and though I was not without some thoughts and Purpose to have tarryed all night, yet I perceived there might be little Opportunity to be Serviceable, and the great likelihood of a Storm; Mr. David Maynard happening to be coming over, I Sorrowfully took, as I suppose final, Leave and came home.  N.B. The Deliverances of this Day and Evening were noticeable.  When I was going to mount Mr. Bradshaws Horse, he was So merry and nestling that he pushed me down backward over an Hog-Trough and Stood over me, helpless, and it was wonderfull that being so over me and full of Motions he did not trample me to Death.  May God be magnifyed and may I have a proper Sense of His Sparing Mercy!  In going over to, and returning from Northborough when the ways were So very bad, by the Depth of the Snow and Hollowness of the Earth, So that I was in Difficulty Several Times; yet there was no Such Evil Occurrent as to grieve me.  D.G.