April 1, 1772

1772 April 1 (Wednesday).  Visit Mrs. Spring who mends apace, through the great Goodness of God.  Mr. Hezekiah Maynard of Marlborough returns the Vol. of Mr. Baxters works which he borrowed of me some time Since.  P.M. Deacon Wood and his Wife, Children and Maid, having been to See the Indians at the Wigwam, come here.  I love to see my Friends and Neighbours but the Interruption it gives me in my Studys is a great Trouble and Disappointment.

April 3, 1772

1772 April 3 (Friday).  One of the most Violent and impetuous Storms of Snow!  Blessed be God for the Protection and the Comforts which I and mine are favored with!  May it please God who is a present Help in the Time of Trouble, to extend Compassion to all Such as are at this uncommon season, in Distress and Extremity, if Such there be, and mercifully relieve them!  O may I fear the Great God!  And may I be delivered from the Storms and Tempests of Eternal Wrath!

April 4, 1772

1772 April 4 (Saturday).  It is a Time of extraordinary Difficulty in travelling: but the Weather being fair, many Neighbours from North and South are trying to break ways through the Snow, not with yoked Oxen and sleds, as before; but they are driven single by reason of the heigth [sic]  of the Drifts, which are Some of them above the Tops of Fences.  I am deeply engaged in my preparations.  May the Lord assist, Strengthen and Succeed me!

April 5, 1772

1772 April 5 (Sunday).  The Day being bright we went on with Communion Exercises: not thinking it best to put off the Sacrament any longer.  Read Isa. 53.  Preached a. and p.m. on 1 Cor. 6.20, first part of the v.  Administered the Sacrament.  N.B. Mr. Silas Warrin of Grafton desired leave to partake.  I told him I consented if he was in Charity, especially if he was with his Minister.  He bowed as if consenting, and I proposed it to the Church, and none objected.  But after prayer he spoke out, and Said he did not know whether he understood me.  I replyed, that we must all be in Charity.  We could not now debate.  If he was in Charity he might — but he thought best to withdraw.  Deacon Bond dined here.  P.M. I read the Epistle to Philemon.

April 8, 1772

1772 April 8 (Wednesday).  Visit Mrs. Grout and pray with her.  N.B. Mr. Silas Warrin met me.  He was going to my House on purpose, he said, to ask my forgiveness of his Conduct on Sabbath Day, which I was freely willing to do, he being to all Appearance very penitant.  Lieut. Baker and I p.m. rode over to Lieut. Martyn, he being brought very low; consuming away.  Dr. Wilson, Ball, Joslyn etc. there in Consultation.  Sister Martyn at Brookfield, but Mr. Richard is gone for her.  I went to Mr. Whitneys, where was the Widow Eager, who came to me and delivered me 25/ old Tenor to get a Cover for the great Bible which her Father Wheeler gave to our Church.  I returned to Lieut. Martyn, and though I was not without some thoughts and Purpose to have tarryed all night, yet I perceived there might be little Opportunity to be Serviceable, and the great likelihood of a Storm; Mr. David Maynard happening to be coming over, I Sorrowfully took, as I suppose final, Leave and came home.  N.B. The Deliverances of this Day and Evening were noticeable.  When I was going to mount Mr. Bradshaws Horse, he was So merry and nestling that he pushed me down backward over an Hog-Trough and Stood over me, helpless, and it was wonderfull that being so over me and full of Motions he did not trample me to Death.  May God be magnifyed and may I have a proper Sense of His Sparing Mercy!  In going over to, and returning from Northborough when the ways were So very bad, by the Depth of the Snow and Hollowness of the Earth, So that I was in Difficulty Several Times; yet there was no Such Evil Occurrent as to grieve me.  D.G.

April 9, 1772

1772 April 9 (Thursday).  This, though it proves So very Stormy Day and most difficult Travelling, is the Time appointed for the Burial of Capt. Joseph Mellen at Hopkinton and when probably Mrs. Martyn is on the Road from Brookfield to See her son John before he dyes.  The Lord be with all the Distressed!  Mr. Bradshaw is much indisposed.

April 10, 1772

1772 April 10 (Friday).  He continues not well.  I am Sermonizing.  Mr. B. is desired to preach for Mr. Whitney; but I fear lest he Should not be able to go to Northborough and then I must go there and change with Mr. Whitney.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Forbes and talks over Mr. Silas Warrins late Conduct, but goes away Satisfyed.  Mr. Taylor came, informs of the remarkable Occurrence at Squire Whipples of a Ewe’s yeaning two Lambs which dyed soon, and then in three weeks wanting 3 Dayes bringing three more, two of which live.  Mr. T________ lodges here.

April 17, 1772

1772 April 17 (Friday).  Breck’s perplexitys increase.  He hears of one Mr. Gillam Bass of Boston, his being at Deacon Woods, who having hired part of the Deacons House (where Mr. Spring lives) designs to open a Shop of Goods there.  Breck goes up to Speak with him, but he is gone to Hopkinton.  My Son is So uneasy about it that he borrows Mr. Bradshaws Horse and rides to Hopkinton.  Mr. Spring and Wife with Billy here.

April 18, 1772

1772 April 18 (Saturday).  Breck returns without much Satisfaction concerning Mr. Bass, for he persists in his Resolution to come.  Mr. Bradshaw rode over to Northborough to preach for Mr. W.  Messrs. Hickss return from Sutton, but dont light.  N.B. Mr. Hicks has informed me that Cousen Thomas Barrett being married, Brother Champney and Sister Lydia have Set up Housekeeping together in the House where Mr. William Fessenden dwelt.  Mr. Benjamin How brings the great Bible handsomely covered.

April 21, 1772

1772 April 21 (Tuesday).  Phinehas came to workBreck takes down the Chimney of the Shop.  Sold Billy a two year old steer for 14£ old Tenor because he was urgent to have him to mate another.  Billy returned.  I went to Marlborough to Ministers Meeting.  Was moderator and prayed.  Mr. Smith poorly again.  He has fears of a Cancer in his Lip.  William Henderson rectifies the movement of the Day of the month in my Watch, and pay him.  I return home at Eve and Mr. Bradshaw with me.  N.B. Mrs. Vashti Hardy dyed last night about 11 o’Clock, aged 73 last Month, having gone through a long Tryal by her Cancer.

April 22, 1772

1772 April 22 (Wednesday).  Mr. Sumner has writ to me to preach his Lecture to Day.  Dr. Hawes was So good as to find me an Horse: and as he was going to Worcester I had his Company to Mr. Sumners — where we dined; and Mr. Bradshaw went with me also.  There I met besides, my Son Cushing, who preached the Lecture at my Desire; I prayed before Sermon.  N.B. Mr. Whitney of Northborough, his Wife and Miss Peggy Lambert were there with us likewise.  Returned at Evening.

April 23, 1772

1772 April 23 (Thursday).  A.M. Catechized at the Meeting House.  Had only 23 Boys.  Had no Exercise for the Girls p.m. by reason of the Funeral, viz. of Mrs. Vashti Hardy, which I attended upon and prayed at.  Mr. Cushing here, dines and lodges.  I am Somewhat concerned for my Son Breck, undertaking to prepare for Shopkeeping when Such a Number besides are purposing and preparing for the Same.  N.B. Mr. Luke Brown of Worcester lately dyed there of the Small Pox.

April 29, 1772

1772 April 29 (Wednesday).  Mr. Mellen came from Hopkinton, dined here, and preached my Lecture from Luk. 13.28, “There shall be Weeping” etc.  May God bless this awakening Discourse to our highest Benefit!  After Exercise he went on his Way home.  Breck returned.  At night Mr. Morse brought Brecks Goods.  Breck informs that My Kinsman Nathaniel Parkman dyed last Saturday Night or sabbath morning and that my Brother is more and more lost and broke.  The Lord Sanctifie His holy Hand!  And extend Compassion to the Widow and fatherless!  Sorrowful News increases.  Am informed that Lt. John Martyn dyed this morning.  The Lord be gracious to the bereaved and comfort them!