October 16, 1771

1771 October 16 (Wednesday).  Borrowed of Mr. Whitney the Works of Mr. Thomas Gouge.  Returned home.  Mrs. P. tells me she has Sent the Chaise to Boston by Mr. Thomas Temple.  That Mr. Zebulun Rice’s Wife has been here, and says her Brother Forbes has gained his Point, and his ministerial Rights are Secured.  P.M. Deacon Burnap of Hopkinton came, and with him Mr. Fitch[1] a Candidate who preaches there.  Mr. Bowman of Oxford here, his Wife also, her Mother and sister came.

[1]Elijah Fitch (1746-1788), Harvard 1765, was ordained at Hopkinton, Jan. 15, 1772; SHG 16:156-58.