October 15, 1771

1771 October 15 (Tuesday).  Rode to Mr. Whitney’s to Breakfast.  Thence to Ministers Meeting at Bolton.  There came Rev. Messrs. Loring, Smith, Harrington, Morse, Bridge and Whitney.  Conversation was chiefly on Mr. Goss’s Case.  N.B. a Court held to day, at Shrewsbury at which Mr. Phips is plaintiff against Ebenezer Bailey, Defendant for beating him.  Venerable Mr. Loring delivered a Concio on Gen. 47.9, “few and evil etc.”  N.B. We signed a Correction of the Draught made by the Association last meeting.  It respects the Number of the Brethren of the Church in Bolton who discharged Mr. Goss, there not being (according to Mr. Goss’s account) a Majority of them.  I returned as far as Mr. Whitneys, and it raining, I lodged there.