October 7, 1771

1771 October 7 (Monday).  Early in the Morning Mr. Sumner and I rode to Mr. Morse’s where we broke Fast.  N.B. A great Sow of his was mad — and they Shot her Yesterday Morning.  She had bit two other of his Swine.  Mr. Sumner returned home but Mr. Morse went with me to Mr. Joseph Glaziers who had a young Horse of 3 past, to sell.  I agreed with him for 95£ old Tenor to be paid the first of January next without Interest.  The Horse was delivered to me by Mr. Glazier in Presence of Mr. Morse and Mr. Ezra Beeman, at Mr. Beemans, and we brought him away.  Dined at Mr. Morse’s, and led my Colt home.  N.B. Mr. Seth Morse brought a Quarter of Beef, weighed 82 — at 3 Coppers.  N.B. as I came home, I found Mr. Whitney was at Mr. Tenny’s: I wrote by him to Mr. Jasper Stone that I was Supplyed with an Horse etc.  This Eve came Mr. Peter Coffin from Brookfield and with him Joshua Winter.  They lodge here.  N.B. Mr. Forbes writes me that his Troubles increase; 16 of the Brethren of the Church have drawn up Charges against him; and are to have a Meeting on Wednesday next.  He desires me to go up.