October 1, 1771

1771 October 1 (Tuesday).  Mr. Peter Coffin and Polly Forbes came, and presently after Mr. William Greenough and his Nephew William, son of Deacon Thomas Greenough of Boston, going to New Haven.  I rode up to the widow Smiths and dined there.  Preached (according to her Request) on Ps. 41.4.  She also chose the Psalm which we Sung, viz. 25 from v. 4 to the End of v. 11.  I was Sorry it was so thin a meeting.  As to men, but 7 I think, besides those of the House.  Mr. Daniel Nurse delivered me 20£ 15/ old Tenor.  I gave 8 Dollars to Lt. Baker towards buying a Yoke of Oxen for me, he owing me more than enough, with this, to pay the first payment for them.  Mr. Bangs of Hardwick came from Mr. Stones of Southborough to Mr. Hannaniah Parker with a message to me, which Mr. Parker sent by his daughter to go to them in great Trouble by dangerous sickness.  Whereupon I rode down at Evening, found Miss Judith very low of Cholic, Strangury etc. and Miss Joanna ill of Throat Distemper.  Quilla their Negro Women, also, very low of Consumption.  Prayed with them — but went with Dr. Parker to Col. Brighams and lodged there.