June 27, 1771

1771 June 27 (Thursday).  Preached a Lecture to Young People from Eccl. 12, v.13.  After Lecture Stopped the Church, to choose Choristers.  The Males of the Congregation from 21 years old and upward, were permitted to join.  Four were Chose.  Two out of the Church and two out of the Congregation, viz. Mr. Eli Whitney out of the Church and Mr. Phinehas Maynard out of the Congregation, Mr. Seth Morse out of the Church and Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain junior out of the Congregation.  It was accomplished without much Dissention.  D.G.  After Meeting a great [deal?] of Company at my House.  Master Taylor in particular.  Cousin Betty Gott tarrys and lodges here.