June 20, 1771

1771 June 20 (Thursday).  Deacon Wood and a Yoke of Oxen, Mr. Tainter with two Yoke, Mr. Nathan Maynard and one Yoke, Mr. Joseph Bond and one Yoke, Mr. Barnabas Newtons, Mr. Ebenezer Maynards, Mr. Beetons, Mr. Levi Warrins and my own, with Lt. Bakers great Plough, broke up the Corner of Land, north of my great Field.  The plough was not good, or they would have plowed more, but they broke off by about 5 o’clock p.m.  I went to Southborough and preached the Lecture on Matt. 14.14.15.  Returned safely at Eve.  D.G.  Miss Eunice Andrews came kindly p.m. to assist Mrs. P________ in quilting.  N.B. All the Behavior of that Family is benevolent.